The Formula SAE Team of University of Pisa

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What Is E-Team

E-Team Squadra Corse is the Formula SAE team of University of Pisa. This challenging experience started back in 2007 and has been growing and improving each year thanks to the contributions by many talented students.

What We Do

The team designs, manufactures and competes with single-seater cars in the Formula SAE circuit. Since 2022 it builds two cars, the electric one and the driving simulator. The electric vehicle is a prototype with a monocoque frame, made mainly of carbon, which aims to achieve maximum performance.

What We Do

Top 5 Formula SAE Italian Team

2022 - DV Besst Business Plan - Formula ATA
2022 - Erre Prize "Know how, agility and problem solving" - Formula ATA
2021 - DV Best Design - Formula ATA
2021 - DV Best Cost Report - FSG
2021 - CV Best Cost Report - Formula ATA
2019 - CV Best Cost Report - Formula ATA
2019 - CV Best Business Plan - Formula ATA
2019 - CV Best Business Plan - FSG

Powertrain Division

The main goal of the Powertrain division is to improve and analyse the different aspects of the engine in order to obtain the best efficiency possible, which is then transformed into mechanical energy and finally transmitted to the wheels. Furthermore, it studies the aspects of the cooling system as well as the exhaust and the power supply.

Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics Division

The Chassis division works on the structure and performances of the vehicle. It combines the different vital components to optimally balance the masses. Its ultimate goal is to design a vehicle characterized by excellent dynamics as well as the highest safety for the driver.

Electric VehicleEV-A

During the season 2023, the challenge the E-Team decided to take on was the transition from the Combustion category to Electric. The first electric car of the E-Team and the entire Ateneo Pisano is equipped with a hybrid chassis composed of a steel truss in the rear and a carbon fiber monocoque in the front. The car's propulsion system consists of a pair of aircraft-derived rear motors, each of which is flanked by an inverter, which form a bridge between the motors and the battery.

What We Do

Driverless Division

The Driverless division represents one of the greatest strengths of the E-Team, since it studies and works on the production of the self-driving vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with sensors, actuators and computing units, which relay on perception and prediction algorithms in order for the car to move autonomously.

Electronics Division

The Electronics division is responsible for the installation and monitoring of all electronic and electric devices placed in the vehicle and especially the cockpit. The team ensures the correct functioning of all sensors and transmissive components that allow the driver to send commands to the control units.

Aero-composites Division

The Aero-composites division focuses on weight-lightening the vehicle's components by studying and employing innovative composite materials like carbon fiber and sandwich structures. Furthermore, the team works on the aerodynamics to optimize the vehicle's performance and enhance airflow channelization to the airbox, the sidepods and the wings.

Driving simulatorFormulaXperience

As the result of meticulous work and high levels of collaboration, we present our little gem. The simulator has been exhibited on several occasions, first and foremost Mecspe thanks to our sponsor Biesse, and in each of these, it has always been particularly appreciated. Its strong points? One cannot fail to mention its orientation to a circular economy, its excellent performance, and its uniqueness. Being built with components from the Combustion and Driverless predecessors, it is definitely "green oriented" and, in that sense, has made it possible to give a second life to, for example, the steering wheel, pedals, computer, and steering; all through a meticulous search for the best parts and most efficient combinations. Last but not least, its eye-catching design: the livery was created in collaboration with Sowet, a young writer, and this allowed us to portray the aerodynamic flows, using our distinctive colors, orange and purple.

What We Do

Public Relations Division

Every important team needs to communicate its identity in the best possible way! This is what our PR department does, managing the team's social profiles and looking after its image, but not only. We assist the technical sectors in the choice of the best communication strategy but also to meet the needs of the Sponsors who support and finance most of our activities. We work behind the scenes in the management division.

Logistics and Administration Division

The main task of the Logistics and Administration division is to supply and satisfy the different orders and needs that come from the projects of others divisons: these can vary from spare parts to documentations. Furthermore, it is involved in planning and organization of seasonal test and races.

Cost Report Division

The objective of the Cost Report division is to prepare for the Cost and Manufacturing Event, which consists of two main parts: a discussion about the official documents produced during the year, which describe the prototype and the methods used to evaluate its production cost, and a second part related to the general understanding of the processes and costs associated with the production of a race car.

Business Plan Division

The Business Plan division deals with the development of two entrepreneurial project starting from combustion and driverless vehicles. The Business Plan consists of a series of documents that describe the business idea, operational plans, revenue structures, marketing plans and financial forecasts; one of the main objectives refers to convince potential investors to finance the project.