ET3: The Bet!


ET3 is the third car made by the E-Team Squadra Corse. A great step forward.



Name: ET3
Year: 2010
Colours: Black, white and red


Lenght: 2650 mm
Width: 1388 mm
Height: 1020 mm
Mass: 210 kg
Wheelbase: 1640 mm
Front track: 1220 mm
Rear track: 1150 mm

Suspensions and tires

Suspension type: Double unequal length A-Arm. Push rod actuated laterally oriented spring-dampers; anti-roll bar
Tires: 20×6.2-13 A54 Avon
Rims: 7” channel, Al-Mg cast rims
Hubs: Self made, Al 7075
Bearings: Two single row angular contact ball bearings. Separate rubber lip seal
Uprights: CNC 7075-Al, integral caliper mount (front and rear)
Spring dampers: Öhlins TTX 25 FSAE (Cane Creek) with 4 spring series
Anti-roll bars: 8 settings, front and rear
Steering system: Pinion-rack system

Brake system

Rotors: Fixed, Cast Iron, hub mounted, 240 mm outer dia., 180 mm inner dia.
Master Cylinder: Tilton 15,88 mm bore front / 23,81 mm bore rear with adjustable bias
Calipers: 28 mm dia., Dual piston, floating (front). 30,2 mm dia., single opposing piston, fixed (rear)


Frame construction: Tubular space frame
Material: AISI 4130 steel round tubing, 1.125” dia / 1” dia / 5/8” dia, various thickness
Joining method and material: TIG welding


Body: 7 pieces of Carbon Epoxy Body, 5 kg complete weight bodywork


Model: 2010 Aprilia 550 SX
Bore: 80 mm
Stroke: 55 mm
Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 549cc
Lubrification: Dry sump with external oil tank and separate gearbox lubrication
Compression ratio: 12:1
Throttle Body / Mechanism: Magneti Marelli 38mm, butterfly throttle actuation, double return spring, idle engine regulation / Drive by wire
Intake System: Optimized intake system built with rapid prototyping tecnologies, two separate manifold
Fuel Type: 100 Octan, Gasoline
Fuel System: 2 Delphi injectors, Port Injection
Cooling system: Single side pod mounted radiator with thermostatic controlled electric fan
Exhaust System: 2-1 exhaust system, Titanium and Carbon-fiber LeoVince muffler


ECU (Engine Control Unit): Athena HPUH4 with lambda sensors and launch control
GCU (Gear Control Unit): Student built, microcontroller based, gear and clutch management
DLS (Data-logging System): Race Technology DL1 with gyro
Driver Interface: Race Technology DASH3, custom made shift paddles, multifunction pushbuttons


Clutch: Rekluse z-Start Pro Clutch, automatic with external adjustament
Gearshift: 5-speed semiautomatic sequential gear, pneumatically-actuated
Differential: Drexler, clutch pack limited slip
Final ratio: 16/48