ET2ev 2009


ET2ev is a tribute to Professor Emilio Vitale , the strongest supporter of E-Team Squadra Corse and the man who made this happen. ET2ev is the result of two years’ experience and thus takes another step forward from the design and performance point of view.



Name: ET2ev
Year: 2009
Colours: Black and white


Lenght: 2885 mm
Width: 1427 mm
Height: 1279 mm
Mass: 250 kg
Wheelbase: 1600 mm
Front track: 1248 mm
Rear track: 1182 mm

Suspensions and tires

Suspension type: Unequal length double wishbone with push-rod activated spring-dampers
Tires: Dunlop 165/505 R13, compound: A8D 404 (rain: A8W 720)
Rims: 7” channel, Al-Mg cast rims
Hubs: self-made, steel
Bearings: SKF
Uprights: Al, two parts (front). Al, two parts (rear)
Spring dampers: Marzocchi ROCO TST-R with 2 spring series
Anti-roll bars: 3 settings front and rear
Steering system: Pinion-rack system

Brake system

Rotors: Fixed cast iron 230mm diameter, mounted on aluminium hubs (front). Fixed cast iron 250mm diameter, differential mounted (rear)
Master Cylinder: Tilton 13/16″ bore (front). Tilton 1″ bore (rear)
Calipers: Tarox anticorodal 4-piston caliper, fixed (front). Tarox anticorodal 6-piston caliper, fixed (rear)


Frame construction: Tubular space frame
Material: ST37-4 steel round tubing 25mm dia and 25CrMo4 16 mm diameter
Joining method and material: TIG welding


Body: Epoxy resin and glass fiber with Kevlar insert
Underbody: Epoxy resin, glass fiber, Kevlar and HEREX structural foam


Model: 2008 Aprilia RX 5.5
Bore: 80 mm
Stroke: 55 mm
Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 550cc
Lubrification: Dry sump with external oil tank and separate gearbox lubrication
Compression ratio: 12:1
Throttle Body / Mechanism: 36 mm, butterfly throttle actuation
Intake System: Aluminium cylindrical plenum, with two separate manifold
Fuel Type: 98 RON
Fuel System: indirect injection, 2 injectors
Cooling system: Two radiators with thermostatic controlled electric fans
Exhaust System: A2 in 1 Arrow modified


ECU (Engine Control Unit): Walbro TDD – HPUH-1 formula SAE, with Lambda Sensor System
GCU (Gear Control Unit): Microcontroller-based electronic control system for gear and clutch management, designed and developed by the E-Team
DLS (Data-logging System): PC-like device-based electronic system for dynamic data monitoring and storage, designed and developed by the E-Team
UI (User Interface): Commands and indicators, designed and developed by the E-Team


Clutch: Rekluse Z-Start Pro and pneumatic cylinder actuation
Gearshift: 5-speed semiautomatic sequential gear, pneumatically-actuated
Differential: Bacci LSD with custom housing design
Final ratio: 15/48