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Reasons to join the E-Team Squadra Corse

The experience you will make in the Team is going to be unique. This is the natural place where to unleash your passion for racing, automotive world and engineering challenges. Students from many Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees courses, work together with newly graduate students. We are divided in different sections but all together working towards a common goal. Our Team is a multi-disciplinary, highly dynamic environment where Engineering students work side by side with Social Sciences, Economics and Law majors.

Not only engineers…

You are seeking a degree in Romance Literature? Economics? Perfect! E-Team Squadra Corse needs you too. Communication and economic are fundamental aspects for our competitions: writing articles, business presentations and public relations are only some of the key assignments you could be assign to do. Look for the open places available or bring us your idea!


1.Technical Divisions

  • Powertrain
  • Electronics
  • Composites
  • Chassis
  • Aerodynamics
  • Drivers
  • Layout & Cost Report

2. Management

  • Business Plan
  • Public Relations
  • Logistics & Human Resources

3.  Administration

Fundamental Requirements

1. E-Team members must be part-time or full-time students enrolled in the University of Pisa.

2. E-Team members commit to give their availability of a minimum time frame, compatibly with the Team requirements and their studies.

3. Working in the Team is absolutely not retributed in any way, and can be done as part of a University project or thesis.

4. Every candidate is subject to a selection process, carried out by a commission of the Team Management.